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Contemporary Romance

The final book in my Montana Riverbend series is out this month, and there has been a major re-launch of the whole series, with a new cover look that I love. Here are the books in reading order, and they are currently available on all ebook platforms. The Sweetest Thing is also out in print, and After The Rain and Long Walk Home will soon be available in print, also.

Here are the links for the Montana Riverbend series on Amazon. They are also available on other platforms.

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Mainstream Book-club Fiction:

If you’re looking for a more thoughtful, out-of-the-box read, you might want to try these!


Saving Gerda

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All Dressed Up

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Cafe du Jour

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Montana River Bend

  • I’m very excited about the launch of the final book, and about the new cover look. Read more on the News page.

My New Role

  • After more years of writing romance and women’s fiction than I want to think about, I’ve decided it’s time to stop, but this doesn’t mean I’m leaving the world of publishing. I’m now the editor for Montana Born Books. Read more on the News page.

More from Montana Born Books
         and Tule Publishing

  • Iíve always found it so much easier to sing the praises of other peopleís books than my own, and now that Iím editing all of the Montana Born line-up, I can recommend some great reads to you as soon as theyíre available. Read more on the News page.


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