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Contemporary Romance

The Brides series from Montana Born Books is out, with so many great stories to read, and Tule Publishing has launched its new imprint, Holiday books, with a series of Honeymoon novellas.

My next book in the Riverbend series from Montana Born, After the Rain, is out July 13, and already available on pre-order from iBooks!

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If you want to catch up on the earlier books, here they are:

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Late Last Night

The Sweetest Thing The Sweetest Sound


Mainstream Book-club Fiction:

If you’re looking for a more thoughtful, out-of-the-box read, you might want to try these!


Saving Gerda

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All Dressed Up

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Cafe du Jour

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The River Bend Series

  • As mentioned above, the second of the long Riverbend novels is out in mid-July. Like Tully in The Sweetest Thing and Gemma in Long Walk Home (out in November) Kira in After The Rain must deal with huge emotions stemming from what happened on prom night eighteen years ago. Read more on the News page.

The Big Marietta Fair

  • If you’re looking for more fabulous stories set in our fictional town of Marietta, Montana, you won’t want to miss this next mini-series. Just the covers are enough to sweep you off into a world of cowboys, kisses and cotton candy. Read more on the News page.

Happy readers

  • In todayís rapidly evolving world of publishing, itís increasingly important for readers to talk about what they love. Read more on the News page.

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